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Divine Timing

Divine Timing refers to the concept of ‘everything happens at the right time’. Often when we want something, we pray for it or, we place a Cosmic Order in.

All we need to do is Ask for it, Believe that it is being set-up and Receive it. But sometimes, things don’t show up when we want them to and we can be left feeling frustrated or thinking that the universe didn’t receive our order.

I’ve been thinking about this concept of timing a lot this week as I saw two things I’ve been wanting for several years now, suddenly show up.

I’ve been in Italy since 2015 and while I’ve visited many parts of this majestic country I just couldn’t seem to get myself to Venice. Not for a lack of attempting to, that’s for sure. There have been several trips planned and each time something got in the way and kept me from taking the trip. Last week, without much of a plan, I ended up in Venice for the first time and experiencing all the magic that in Carnevale. This time there were no obstacles keeping me from going and the trip happened effortlessly.

Then yesterday, I got to participate in a Reiki course/ initiation that I’ve been wanting to also for several years now. Ironically, I’ve tried several times to take this course and have even signed up for two previous trainings, and just like with Venice, each time something got in the way and kept me from doing so.

We are good at asking for things but when it comes to believing it will happen and receiving it—our minds will run those good old programs of ‘yes but’, ‘what if’, ‘how?’, ‘will it really happen?’, ‘is that for real?’, ‘is it the one?’…

Uncertainty, doubt and impatience are very common. They are a an inherent part of our inner struggles; force us to question our motivations and make us grow from within, or drive us crazy fighting them… Often it feels like we are sitting at a restaurant table, waiting for hours for the meal to arrive, wondering what the heck is happening in the kitchen..,

Waiting for something we are expecting can fuel our emotions and makes us restless. This is counter-productive to flowing with Divine timing.

When we let go of our expectations, our attachments and emotional response to them, we feel more at peace with our self. In that peaceful state of being, we are more aligned with our Higher Self, with our intuition and we can experience more synchronicity. Synchronicity is simply being in ‘sync’ or being in tuned with the divine flow. We can see that we are part of a bigger picture and that we are all connected.

We can then trust that everything will work out and allow it happen according to Divine Timing, when it is meant to happen naturally for the highest good of all involved.

Here are a few simple tips on how to help align yourself to speed up Divine Timing?

  • Acceptance & Surrender

Accept and surrender that there is a higher order happening. Yes, we are Creators attracting what we desire and manifesting our dreams through our actions and thoughts, but we also must respect the flow of energy. Everything is Dynamic Energy… everything is in constant change, shifting and coming together slowly, at its own pace. Surrendering to that, involves an element of trusting that we are going to be fine no matter what happens. We are full, abundant and happy already. That ‘dream, house, career or soulmate’ is not coming to fill in a void, is not coming to fix us. We are already our best.

  • Change

As Gandhi said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. First work on yourself, change from within… do something different that make you feel alive, fresh and joyful. You will radiate joy from within which will speed up your manifestations/desires/dreams.

  • Be Happy Now

Love yourself, love life in this moment right now. Laugh, have fun… Being happy and joyful raises your vibration which then, attracts more joy and happiness into your life. This is what fuels your dreams, your passion and your faith in Spirit. Let go of the past, do not worry about the future. Focus on the present and find joy in each moment.

  • Patience

Even if you are increasing your vibrations and experiencing more happiness and peacefulness in your life, you will have to be patient. If you are waiting for the right house, job, partner, etc… These involve other people, other karmas and life choices that are outside of your influence. We must be patient. We are not waiting, resisting or sitting back. We are moving on with our life, patiently trusting that Spirit or the Universe will surprise us in the best ways possible, at the perfect time with our most precious gifts…

And it will!

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